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tv   Campaign 2020 Pete Buttigieg in Nashua NH  CSPAN  February 12, 2020 6:23am-6:45am EST

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>> pete buttigieg claimed the second spot in the new hampshire primary race behind bernie sanders. he spoke to supporters of his presidential campaign in nashua. >> thank you, new hampshire. thank you so much. one more time for our phenomenal new hampshire state cochairs.
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thank you for your commitment. thank you to our extraordinary national cochair, congresswoman andy custer who knows how to raise the roof and get out the vote. and thank you to the love of my life, who keeps me grounded and makes me whole. i want to congratulate my competitors and their supporters on their campaigns in new hampshire.
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i admired senator sanders when i was a high school student, i respect him greatly to this day. i congratulate him on his strong showing. [applause] and i want to congratulate senator klobuchar, senator warren, vice president biden, and all of our democratic candidates and supporters. i know we all share the spirit by our volunteers who welcomed a competing candidate with votes no matter who. we are on the same page. over the past year, some two dozen campaign to crisscrossed, each laying claim to the ability
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to bring people together, turn out the vote, and move americans toward a brighter future. and here in a state that goes by the motto live free or die, you made up your own mind. you asserted that famous independence creek, and thanks you, a campaign some said shouldn't be here at all, has shown we are here to stay. so many of you turned out.
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independent unwilling to stay on the sidelines, and even some newly former republicans ready to vote for something new. ready to vote for a politics defined by how many we call in instead of by who we push out. so many of you chose to meet the new era of challenge with a new generation of leadership. so many of you decided a middle-class mayor and veteran from the industrial midwest was the right choice to take on this president, not in spite of that experience, but because of it. [applause]
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now our campaign moves on to nevada, to south carolina, communities across our country. [applause] and we will welcome new allies to our movement at every step. we will go forward things to our team of staff, organizers, and volunteers. i may be biased on this, but i'm also right. we have the finest team in politics today. [applause] [crowd chanting] >> and i want you to know, you
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don't just represent me well. you inspire me. and i cannot say enough how thankful i am to our extraordinary team. [applause] mr. buttigieg: thank you. and we know that team stretches across the country. we go forward fueled by hundreds of thousands of grassroots supporters, from the woman in minnesota who donated in honor of the wife she lost to lung cancer, to the veteran from connecticut who sent $19.68 in honor of the year he served in vietnam. this campaign belongs to them. [applause] mr. buttigieg: and if our campaign moves you, i hope you will go to and chip in whatever you can.
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[applause] mr. buttigieg: and we go forward knowing that this is our chance, our only chance, not just to end the era of donald trump but to launch the era that we know must come next. [applause] mr. buttigieg: and the stakes could not be higher. we cannot afford to miss the mark or miss this moment. we must get this right. with americans living under an unaccountable president who will cut taxes for corporations and then cut medicare, medicaid and social security for the rest of us, we must get this right. [applause] mr. buttigieg: when people of color fear for their own place in their own country, while infants are torn from their parents at the border, we must get this right.
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[applause] mr. buttigieg: and when a commander-in-chief pardons war criminals and punishes war heroes while systematically demolishing the credibility of our country in the eyes of the world, we dare not risk four more years of his presidency. we must get this right. [applause] [crowd chanting] mr. buttigieg: we are clear eyed about the challenge before us. we must be equally clear about the choice at hand. my competitors and i share the same fundamental goals, bringing balance to our economy, guaranteeing health care to
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every american, combating a climate crisis and rising tide of gun violence. but we do differ in what we believe it will take to make that happen. in this election season, we have been told by some that you must either be for a revolution or for the status quo. where does that leave the rest of us? most americans don't see where they fit in that polarized vision. we can't defeat the most divisive president in modern american history by tearing down anybody who doesn't agree with us 100% of the time. [applause] [crowd chanting]
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mr. buttigieg: americans want the freedom to make choices for themselves on health care or any other issue. not to have washington decide for them. and a politics of my way or the highway is a road to reelecting donald trump. vulnerable americans do not have the luxury of pursuing ideological purity over an inclusive victory. [applause] mr. buttigieg: we know this. we also know better than to try to defeat such a disruptive president by relying on the same washington framework and mindset. after all, if today's washington were serving america well, a guy like donald trump would never have come within cheating distance of the oval office in the first place.
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[applause] mr. buttigieg: so to win and govern, we need to bring new voices to the capital. we need to get washington starting to work more like our best run cities and towns rather than the other way around. [applause] mr. buttigieg: and i know that when you talk this way, you might get dismissed as a naive newcomer, but a fresh outlook is what makes new beginnings possible. it's how we build a new majority. [applause] mr. buttigieg: and election after election has shown us that putting forward a new perspective is how democrats win the white house, and we will win the white house. [applause]
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[crowd chanting] mr. buttigieg: so as we take this campaign to the rest of the country, let's welcome that debate, let's have that debate. let's debate the best way forward is. the best way to earn the white house and the best way to unify this country. and the answers, they lie in the -- in a vision that brings americans together not only in the knowledge of what we must stand against but in the confidence of knowing what we are for. [applause] mr. buttigieg: this is the powerful majority we are gathering together, from davenport to dover, carson city to columbia. it's a coalition of addition, not subtraction. [applause]
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mr. buttigieg: it is a movement reaching in to church basements, barbershops, universities, union halls, carrying the same values with us everywhere we go. we saw that coalition awakening. we saw it tonight in cities and suburbs from the seacoast to the industrial towns too often left behind. [applause] mr. buttigieg: and together, we are building a future where there will be no such thing as an uninsured american or an unaffordable prescription. [applause] mr. buttigieg: that's what we can deliver with a plan most americans can get behind. medicare for all who want it, ensuring care for every american, but trusting to choose whether you want it and when you want it. [applause]
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mr. buttigieg: together, we will stop enabling corporate greed and start raising wages, empowering workers and making good on the idea that one job ought to be enough. [applause] [crowd chanting] mr. buttigieg: together, we will stop sending our young people into the teeth of endless wars and start recruiting every american in the fight for our climate future. [applause] mr. buttigieg: together we will mobilize the overwhelming majority of americans demanding common sense action to protect our children and communities from gun violence. [applause]
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mr. buttigieg: together, we will ensure in our time that we deliver the day when your race has no bearing on your health, or your wealth, access to education, or experience with law enforcement. we must deliver that day. [applause] mr. buttigieg: together, we will deliver a democracy worthy of the name. no more manipulated districts, no more dollars outvoting people. whether it is the native vote in georgia, or the student vote in new hampshire, no more voter suppression. [applause] mr. buttigieg: together, we can build that american experience defined by belonging.
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we can say to a young woman in a hijab enduring taunts because of her religion, to a young man feeling fear instead of safety because of the police vehicle, we can say you belong in the heart of the american project. [applause] mr. buttigieg: we can show people of every religion and of no religion that this country belongs to you equally and practice a politics that insists that god does not belong to a political party. [applause] mr. buttigieg: we can tell an autoworker thrown around by tectonic shifts in our economy that our economic future has a place for you, and we need you in it.
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[applause] mr. buttigieg: and we can say to a dreamer lying awake at night, questioning if this country is her own -- [speaking spanish] this country is your country, too! [applause] [crowd chanting] mr. buttigieg: that better future can be ours, and that better future we are creating is not just a new chapter in american history, it's a new and better story in our american -- our everyday lives. that is what is at stake. when you have held your father's hand in a hospital room, grateful that thanks to something called medicare, your
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family will not lose its home is -- even asn as it is losing one of its own, you know what is at stake. when you have written a letter and marked it just in case and left it where your family can find it, before you leave for a war zone on the orders of an american president, you understand what is at stake. when the best part of your day is coming home to a loving spouse in a marriage that exists of the grace of a single vote on the u.s. supreme court, he will never forget -- you will never forget what is at stake. [applause] mr. buttigieg: this election isn't just historic, it is personal, it is urgent, and we know why we are here. we are here because the purpose of the presidency is not the glorification of the president,
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it is the empowerment and unification of the american people. [applause] [crowd chanting] mr. buttigieg: so as we prepare to go west for the first in the west contest in nevada, as we head to a state that looks like the future, i ask that you join us in taking a stand for a better tomorrow. [applause] mr. buttigieg: join us as we turn the page to a new chapter in america's story, and a better day for each of us. and when we do, one day books will tell not just of one
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election, but the era that began with you here in new hampshire. thank you! [applause] thank you! thank you for your support! let's go out and win this thing! thank you! [applause] thank you. [crowd chanting] ♪
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>> vermont senator bernie sanders declared victory and thanked supporters for his win in the new hampshire primary. he spoke from manchester. [cheering] ♪ power to the people power to the people


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